non-profit org website | web design

their old website… yikes!

As their Webmaster, I was tasked with cleaning up a non-profit’s old, under-performing HTML/CSS website. It was a hodgepodge of different colors, text styles, non-uniform image sizes, misalignment, and very little attention was paid to branding. Aside from that, there was zero social media integration plus the website was over 600 pages!

I cleaned it up manually and by using Dreamweaver’s “Find and Replace” code features along with using CSS to style elements rather than hard coding. I also created a lot of new graphics, a drop down nav menu and implemented social media and blog feeds. I deleted duplicate or outdated pages then redirected navigation and traffic, and improved SEO.  This was a massive undertaking to say the least! But still, I’m not satisfied.

After cleaning up their legacy website, I wrote an RFP for their forthcoming Drupal website to position them to better leverage social media, online video and photo galleries via a CMS. The RFP included the new site’s improved information architecture, topical landing pages, and several ways to simultaneously/dynamically navigate to content (by country, by theme, by medium, etc). Having moved to San Diego, I am no longer employed by this non-profit, but I hope to see their new website built sometime in 2012.

Below is a collection of screen shots, showing these key features:

  • Multilingual content via Google Translate
  • Social media feeds, RSS headline feeds from sub sites
  • Continent/Region landing pages with photo galleries, coverage maps and links
  • “Connect” page as a window to their social media, email lists and physical contact info
  • Drop down navigation menu, allowing deep surfing in minimal clicks
  • Home page: rotating feature stories (in order), “What We Do” photos change on page load so donors see a new face each time they visit