Event Photography: 1970s Disco Funk Party

If I were able to pick a decade to live in, it would absolutely be the 1970s. That’s not just my mustache and afro talking. It’s also my love of 70s funk, soul, disco and of course classic rock from that era. And don’t forget the fashion.

Part of being an event photographer means that I get to attend some amazing parties and interact with all of the interesting, fun and in this case FUNKY people. I had a blast shooting these party photos to start the day. Afterward I processed them for a very color saturated, vibrant look with a touch of retro warmth to fit the party’s theme and mesh with my style.

Check out these step-and-repeat photos from the 8th annual Mustache Bash, held at Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier. It’s funky party with live music, mustaches, a huge disco ball, etc. The slideshow highlights some of the slickest threads of the day. Cats were muggin’ for the camera but I made a few suggestions for the less-than-warmed-up, including the trusty lady leg lift, disco point, peace sign… Sorry for the 40 photos but there was even more great fashion from that funky, funky day. See the rest on Facebook. And soon I’ll post about the incredible bands I got to shoot.

Can you dig it?!

Oh and if you happen to find yourself on my website, feel free to contact me for a print. Or if you’re a jive turkey but ask politely, I’ll take your image down. No sweat.