Beach Yoga Fashion Shoot

Here’s part duex of my last blog post about my shoot with Tara by the good ol’ Cardiff Kook. Our weather in San Diego lends itself to these beach shoots without us having to worry much about the weather. We shot these photos in full sun in the early afternoon but I often wait until golden hour just before sunset. I think the colors came out well, so maybe I’ll be doing more photo shoots earlier in the day!

With so many business tasks, people and processes that suck my time away, when I finally DO get a chance to work on the art of photography I try to work as efficiently as possible, maximizing the results and minimizing the b.s. Again, Tara was perfect for this as she’s the fastest poser I’ve seen.

Here are some different outfits from our day of mix-and-match. These provide a little more “coverage” if you know what I mean…. you can see still the bikini ones here.