Beach Lifestyle Fashion Shoot

I live in Ocean Beach in glorious San Diego and don’t get me wrong, we have some great scenery here. But my favorite beaches for photoshoot locations are around Encinitas and La Jolla. It’s something about the sand and the people up there. Maybe one day I’ll pin-point what I love about it…

One warm, sunny day in March I met up with Tara at San Ejilo State Beach near the Cardiff Kook. The plan was to shoot some lifestyle photography for a few fashion brands she was wearing. Tara is hands down the fastest posing model I’ve ever met, so the shoot was really productive and went by quickly. I always find myself coaching people on how to pose, helping them relax and having them make little adjustments to perfect the poses and expressions, but this girl was reading my mind.

Check out the slideshow for some of our favorite photos from the day. And here’s part duex of this blog post.