EPK website | web design, graphics

Here’s an EPK (electronic press kit) web design for a pop rock band. Bands use EPK’s to get gigs, sponsorships and record deals.

What you see below is a sized-down version. The actual main content area was 960 pixels wide.  I zoomed out so you could see the background texture and also to fit more of this web design on the page.

I used part of their album art (which I also designed) as the page’s background. And I shot and edited the video and edited the photos shown here.

Key features:

  • anchor links to the different sections of content so you can jump to what you want
  • social media links to all of their accounts/pages
  • text content on-screen can be downloaded as a PDF
  • music player (Flash) & video player (Vimeo)
  • photo gallery (Lightbox)

HTML/CSS website made with Dreamweaver and Photoshop; Art Direction & Design

Here’s how the lightbox photo gallery looked.