Video Interviews: Formula E and Lord Paul Drayson

Interested in electric cars? What about the global electric Formula One racing series, Formula E? Or the land speed record holder for an EV (204 mph), Lord Paul Drayson? Wireless EV charging via the Qualcomm Halo system? All this and more in the videos I shot on Friday with a British Lord and the CEO of Formula E…


We went up to West Hollywood last Friday to shoot a few interview segments outside a posh restaurant. Luckily we also got to eat there. Though the shoot was cleared ahead of time, one patron – thinking they’re actually a celebrity – complained and the manager gave us a hard time about having video and photo cameras near the entrance. Somehow the vehicle was not charged up for us so we missed out on the steering wheel’s LED display and the many blinking lights and meters all around the car, plus I didn’t get to hear the near-silent operation of the engine. Oh well.

What I Learned

Next time, shoot handheld cut-aways and B-roll at 60fps so you can slow them down in editing to create a faux steady-cam look. And go slower in general. Fast pans blur signage text and other details but you can always speed them up later. When using an off-camera interviewer, get a few B-roll shots of the back of his head. Add another camera for static close-ups of the interviewee for a total of  1 wide static shot, 1 close up static shot, 1 close up mobile shot, and 1 or 2 extra wide static shot(s) including the video crew. Take stills of everything that’s static. And last but not least, polished-up cars are very reflective so you’ll be visible when you shoot up close and straight-on – which makes for a great selfie but nothing the client wants to see.