Inspiration: Arcade Fire Gets Weird, Miley Gets Naked

Here’s a pretty cool video from Arcade Fire. I’m not a big fan of their sound in general but I always like their dancey stuff like Reflektor and Sprawl II (another interesting interactive video by the same director, Vincent Morisset). The song was produced by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy. David Bowie’s voice makes an appearance at 4:55.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Who can make me a papier mache head of my own?!

The interactive version directed by Vincent Morrisett is here. | A YouTube version directed by Anton Corbijn is below.

OK, now let’s talk about this hotmess, Miley Cyrus. We all saw her twerk her way into a sea of WTF’s at the VMA’s. And I don’t pay much attention to the trashy ex-Disney brat but this video directed by celebrity (and debatably over-paid and over-rated) photographer (and pervy super creep) Terry Richardson is probably one of the most mature and artistic things she’s done. The sex-factor here is way more tasteful than twerking with her demonic eyes and tongue flapping around and the production on this song makes her actually sound like an adult, not a kid throwing a tantrum while yelling, “Look at me! I’m an adult!” And yes, the lighting in this video surpasses Terry Richardson’s typical one light setup (see tutorial) that helped make his career.

At the very least, it’s interesting to see a still photographer create a big-budget, high-profile music video while staying true to his own trademark visual style. The tears shots in this one are pretty close to his usual photography style: blown-out white background, bright lights, glowing skin, light reflections in pupils, a camera right up in the model’s face… Good thing HE didn’t get naked in this video too.

Think Terry is a one-trick pony? Learn more about some campaigns he shoots. He’s got chops.